#44 Henry, Monday, 01 February 2010 11:20 PM (Category: iPad)
(Tags: ipad)

I saw the announcement of the iPad. I think this is a game-changer.

Most geeks seem to loathe it. It's missing this, it's missing that, it's locked in, there's DRM. So what? The iPad isn't aimed at the geeks. It's a computer for "the rest of us". I'll probably always have a Linux box, and maybe a Mac, so I can fiddle with scripts and programs, and files and directories and all the clever time-wasting activities that geeks fiddle with. But I think I am going to get an iPad.

It will be the computer I use when I want to do something, not do something clever for the sake of being clever.

Also, I am curious how the bookstore will work. Will they only take books and magazines from the big publishers, or will little fanzines get in, and can anyone offer their own handmade novels and short stories? It might change things a lot if Apple suddenly becomes the biggest publisher in the world, even if all the little books are read by one or two people only. I can see a billion bad novels published every year, and a handful succeeding.