#50 Henry, Sunday, 28 February 2010 9:41 AM (Category: Music)
(Tags: linux dvdrip slackware)

I have been ripping DVDs and converting them to smaller playable files so I can watch them on my laptop while I travel. I've been doing this on my Mac Mini because it works. I use Mac The Ripper to rip the DVD and Handbrake to encode the rip to playable files. It works, mostly. But there is one aspect of it that I have not been able to make work. I have a lot of Indian films, and I want to rip them with the subtitles. I can't make it work yet.

I was having coffee with a friend yesterday morning and he showed me how he does this with Linux. He uses dvdrip. This is apparently a Perl script that puts a very ugly but very functional GUI in front of the large mess of command lines necessary to rip and encode a DVD on Linux. I was impressed. I wanted to get this to work at home.

So I went to slackbuilds.org and looked at dvdrip. That looked like a reasonable install. So I tackled it with sbopkg. I started with the dependencies for dvdrip. All the Perl modules installed without a problem. transcode failed. It had dependencies. From the look of it, the dependencies would be settled if I installed the optional software listed on the SlackBuilds site for dvdrip. I started installing them, and then the problems began.

transcode depends on ffmpeg, and that depends on a bunch of libraries. I found and installed faad2 and faac, and they installed fine. But then it required libmplex2 and libx264. I found libmplex2 and it will get built when mjpegtools gets built. So far I can't find libx264.

So transcode depends on ffmpeg, and ffmpeg depends on mjpegtools. I used sbopkg and tried to install mjpegtools. It failed while trying to build libmplex2. I downloaded the sources directly and tried to install from scratch. It fails, because there are compiler errors in lpcmstrm_in.cpp while compiling the mplex2 library. It's C++. It should compile. Are library programmers checking in code nowadays that breaks the build? Looks like the answer is yes. So what do I do now? Wait a few days to see if the code is fixed and will compile and then I can continue? Or abandon the mess and go back to the Mac?

I'm going to think about it while I'm away today and then tackle it again tonight.