Acer Aspire One
#53 Henry, Thursday, 06 May 2010 9:30 AM (Category: Hardware)
(Tags: acer aspire netbook slackware)

I've been relatively happy with my little Asus eeePC 901A, but there are some annoyances. There always are annoyances. I'm never happy.

There isn't enough memory for a full install of Slackware and I have to jump through hoops to keep enough working space. The keyboard is just way too small for my big clumsy fingers.

So an opportunity came my way and an Acer Aspire One ZG5 came to me. This is marginally larger than the Asus, but with a bigger keyboard that you can just about touch type on. It also has 8 gig of flash drive compared to the Asus's 4 gig, so I can do a full install of Slackware and still have plenty of work space left. It's also lighter.

Acer Aspire One ZG5

It came with Windows XP, but that was soon replaced with Slackware. The Slackware installation was easy. I attached a USB cdrom drive, told the BIOS to boot from it, and away it went. It was a smooth, perfect installation with no problems. I'm using fluxbox, same as the eeePC, but using kdm for the login manager. I used slim on the Asus because I had removed all kde because of space restrictions. I like slim, so I may make an effort and install it on the Acer too.

The Asus is going to a new home tonight. I know a guy who has one already and wants a second one. It will go to a good home.