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#55 Henry, Thursday, 06 May 2010 12:29 PM (Category: Music)
(Tags: atunes amarok slackware music xmms)

Things change all the time.

A big new version of aTunes came out - 2.0.0. It won't work any more for me. Seems that they assumed everyone had a system tray and when they play music, they update the tray, fail to find one, pop up two empty dialog boxes, and play nothing. They are aware of the problem and will have a fix for in 2.0.1. Waiting...

New versions of Amarok were released. Dynamic playlists are back in. Bit weird, but workable. Things seem a bit faster. But every time it starts, it wants to scan my music again, and it trawls through 500 gig of files looking for differences. And occasionally in the middle of things it will do this too. The old version, 1.4 back in the golden yesteryears, did not do this. It would politely assume that you would tell it to refresh the repository when needed, and it would do this independently. That's what I would prefer it to do. I don't want it to check the music each time it starts, chewing up my CPU and my fileio and slowing down my compilations. I'll check it occasionally and see if this behaviour stops.

I also had a look at two forks of Amarok that kept it back at 1.4. There's Pana and Clementine. I'll check them out occasionally and might even end up using one of them when it gets more mature.

But in the meantime, I am back to using XMMS. Not as nice, but it has a lot of advantages. For one, it doesn't keep changing the volume on me like aTunes. In aTunes, each time it starts a new song it adjusts the volume to the setting that aTunes has set, and overrides whatever I have set my main volume to. It's a small thing, but I want to set the volume in one place that controls all sounds, not have to set it there AND set it in aTunes.

XMMS is a small clean music player that doesn't do anything unexpected and just plays music. I might end up using it and forget about Amarok and aTunes.