Slackware 13.1 coming
#59 Henry, Saturday, 08 May 2010 11:49 AM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: slackware)

More big changes have come down for Slackware, and I read that 13.1 is almost here. This time, for the first time, I won't need to do a big install when the new version is released. I have been keeping my systems current with slackpkg, and these regular incremental upgrades keep me up to date with both security patches and latest versions of packages. The best thing that happened with my Unix systems was when Matthew showed me the Slackware upgrade methods.

New versions of KDE have come down, and they look interesting. It's up to KDE 4.4.3 now. KDE looks really slick these days. I tried the new version out for a while, and although it looks slick and everything is available, I still went back to fvwm2 on my desktops and fluxbox on my netbooks. More flexible for my needs.