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#60 Henry, Saturday, 08 May 2010 12:00 PM (Category: Games)
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I read on Reddit that Wolfire Games had a special deal on games - The Humble Indie Bundle.

You get five games, no DRM, run on Mac and Linux, and you can pay what you want. The games are World of Goo (I already bought this for the Mac), Gish, Aquaria, Lugaru and Penumbra.

So I bought the set and downloaded the Mac and Linux versions. I installed the Linux versions on my desktop and I was shocked that they ran immediately. World Of Goo is fun. Aquaria - I don't quite understand it yet, but I will persevere. It looks great, and I am intrigued. Haven't really played much of the others yet, but I'll get to them once I am done with Goo and Aquaria.

I had one small problem with Aquaria. On my work desktop, when the game ended, some portions of the screen did not restore and were no longer viewable. Rectangular sections of the screen and xterm were affected, but it didn't affect Firefox in those same regions. Peculiar. I had to restart X to get that back. No big deal as I won't be playing it at work, and it doesn't happen at home. I think it's related to the video card. My work computer is never as good as my home computer.

So I get the Linux versions, Anne gets the Mac versions, the game developers get some money, and everyone seems happy.

These game deals are great. I will continue to watch for them. It's nice to get fun games that I can play on Linux.