#70 Henry, Tuesday, 29 June 2010 2:07 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: virtualbox slackware)

I recently had the problem where I needed to see how some of my websites looked when being viewed with Internet Explorer. I don't have any Windows computers at home or at work. My home environment is Linux and Mac, and I am extremely fortunate in being allowed to use Linux at work. But that means I have no access to Windows and Internet Explorer.

I had heard about VirtualBox for a while, but never had any need of it. Now I needed it. It used to be Sun's VirtualBox, and now it's Oracle's VirtualBox. It's free, which is always nice.

I downloaded it, I installed it on Slackware, and it worked. Very nice. I am impressed when companies write Linux code that runs on any distribution and you aren't locked to a specific distro and version.

Then I had to find a legal copy of Windows. I found Windows XP, the cdrom and the license, and I installed it in VirtualBox. The installation was as horrible as I remembered old installations of Windows. Eventually I had it in shape and could fire up Internet Explorer and view the website in question. It worked, I found a solution to my problem, and all is well.

I am very impressed with VirtualBox and what it can do. I will definitely keep it and WinXP around so I can check how the websites look using IE.

But this exercise sparked some memories. I have a large box of old DOS and Windows games. These were favourites of mine for many years, and I haven't been able to play them for 10 years or more. Now, I might be able to relive those happy days. Thanks to VirtualBox.