Skype on the Ipod Touch
#75 Henry, Wednesday, 21 July 2010 9:20 PM (Category: Gadgets)
(Tags: ipod touch skype)

I've had an iPod Touch for a while now. I love it. But I learned something new recently. I learned that iPod Touches do actually have microphone ability. There's no built-in microphone, but if you have a headset with a microphone, it will work.

But not Bluetooth. No, the Touch will not use a Bluetooth headset microphone. It has to be a wired headset. So tonight, just before the opera, I ducked into the Apple Store and bought a wired pair of earbuds, with microphone and a small control panel. The case said "Made for iPod". It's a Scosche set (a what? never heard of them) and I tried to get the Apple guys in the store to confirm that it would work with my Touch, but they just pointed to the "Made for iPod" sign and said that if it doesn't, bring it back.

I got it home, plugged it in, and discovered what that Voice Memo app was all about. I always wondered why they supplied that. And then I fired up Skype, and it works fine. I can use my iPod Touch like a phone now.

Just as a matter of interest, the Apple store was still packed when we came past at 9pm. It stays packed almost all the time it's open.