Audacity on Slackware problems
#8 Henry, Saturday, 28 November 2009 4:01 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: audacity slackware linux)

I've just spent some time turning LPs into AIFF files on my Mac laptop. I transferred the files to my Linux box so I could convert to WAV and split them into tracks for conversion to MP3. I usually use Audacity to do the conversion and splitting, and went to use it. Unfortunately, I had upgraded to Slackware 13.0 since the last time I used Audacity. Oh well, I just have to put Audacity on again.

I went to the Audacity package I had for Slackware 12.2 and installed it, but no, some libraries were missing. Time to get a new version of Audacity. I went to to get the latest package. This is an unofficial site that stores packages for Slackware. Unfortunately, it appears to be defunct. Nothing there.

Oh well, why don't I go to the official Slackware package site and see if they have Audacity. That would be Oh dear, they say "The old package browser was broken -- instead of trying to fix it I am creating a new one from scratch. I’ll be using the Django framework. I’m also looking into Solr and Haystack to see if they can be of some use here. It’s not going to take a lot of time and I will publish the working portions of the Package Browser as I finish and test them. Also, we’ll have some other thing to announce in a few days, so stay tuned ;-)" I don't know how long that's been there, but I can't get access to any packages right now.

I use Google and come up with a SlackBuild site and that gives me some confusion. Ah, they don't supply packages, they supply scripts to make packages from source? Or something? Anyway, I get the list of Audacity dependencies I need.

Time to do it from scratch and compile and install Audacity and its dependencies.

I get the dependences - libsndfile and wxWidgets and compile and install them. Then I configure Audacity. It complains about wxWidgets and some other wx thing. I uninstall wxWidgets, download wxAll and compile and install it. Back to Audacity and I get the same complaint. What the hell? I read the message again. Ah, I have installed version 1.6 of wxAll and Audacity is a bit behind and can't handle 1.6, it has to be 1.4. Dang, the wx site doesn't have 1.4 any more, but old versions are available on sourceforge, so I get it, back out the new version and compile and install the older version. Back to Audacity and this time configure passes with flying colours. Now to make. And WTF? Compilation errors everywhere. It will not compile. Temper tantrum time. I hate this shit. I give up.

So I installed Audacity on my MacBook. Well, I downloaded it. Then I wondered how to install it. There were no instructions for the Mac and it wasn't obvious. Hmm, create a new directory under Applications called Audacity and copy all the files in. That looks okay. I ran it. It crashed. I ran it several more times and it continued to crash. I was ready to do damage to something, but walked away, did something else, then came back. I ran it again and it worked. Why? I don't know.

I am sick of all this crap.